Zero Trust Partner Academy 2022

Zero Trust Partner Academy

Become your customers' Zero Trust go-to expert

If you’re curious to find out about the buzz around Zero Trust for secure remote access, then you should join Barracuda's Partner Academy on 4th October from 10am-12pm CET.

John Kindervag introduced us to the term Zero Trust around 10 years ago. Why? Because the assumptions made about security didn't fit in with the evolving threat landscape.

Fast forward 10 years and the threats are even bigger and cause more disruption to companies.

Teach your customers how to outsmart these threats by helping them adopt a new mindset: the Zero Trust mindset.

During the academy, we will help you understand the system and provide you with the actual solutions to have meaningful conversations with your customers about Zero Trust.

We will discuss:

  • Barracuda: company overview
  • The definition of Zero Trust
  • The evolving threat landscape and changing assumptions
  • Crush your target with Barracuda’s Zero Trust solution: CloudGen Access
  • The ABCs of application security